Sunday, December 10, 2017

#RRBC Holiday Train Book Trailer Party - Stop #1 (Update)

UPDATE: Congratulations to my two winners for my first stop on the #RRBC Holiday Train Book Trailer Block Party!  Bette Stevens, you have one an e-book copy of The One Discovered!  Susanne Leist, you have won an author spotlight on my blog. I will contact both of you soon! :-)

Welcome to my first stop on the #RRBC Holiday Train Book Trailer Block Party! The party has been a blast so far, and if you haven't checked out the previous stops, I highly recommend you do so. You are missing out on some amazing books (and prizes!).

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I am a part of the Rave Reviews Book Club.  This month, we are having a book trailer block party.  Each day will have one or two different authors who share a book trailer with you.  All you have to do is watch the video and leave a comment on the YouTube page.  At the end of each day, one random person's comment will be chosen, and that person will win a prize!

It's that easy.  Watch a video.  Leave a comment.  Take a chance and win a prize!

Today is my day to share a video with you, so I am sharing my book trailer for The One Discovered. This is the first book of my Chronicles of the Diasodz series.  I have TWO prizes for today:

1.  A free copy of The One Discovered
2.  An author spotlight on my blog

I would love to hear your thoughts on the book trailer.  So click the following link to see the video:  And then, check out all of the other videos that you can watch to win prizes here:


  1. Heading over...and cant wait to finish your series! It is next on my list and the first thing i plan to read in 2018! Taking a break to read some holiday stories:)

    1. Thank you, Dawn! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The One Discovered! :-)

  2. Loved the book trailer, Yvette! I simply MUST get this book opened on my Kindle. I know I will love it!


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