Monday, December 21, 2015

Book Trailer - The One Discovered!!!

UPDATED - 12/23/15!
And the winners are.... (see prizes)
Congratulations to all of the winners!
And thank you to all of you who viewed my book trailer! :-)

Welcome to the #RRBC Holiday Train "Book Trailer" Block Party!

I am once again participating in the Rave Reviews Book Club's block party, but this time we are promoting our books through book trailers on YouTube.  I have to start off by saying that I have never before in my life created a book trailer, so please don't judge me too harshly. ;-)  I watched many book trailers before trying to figure out what I wanted to include in mine, and I had one of my Key Club members (thank you, Catt) introduce me to Windows Movie Maker.  From there, it was a whole lot of trial-and-error and what-do-I-do-now's. 

The perfectionist in me says it's not good enough.  The realist in me says that my talent is writing, not video making. :-P That being said, I am still very excited to share with you my very first book trailer video:!  :-)

Oh, and did you can win PRIZES by watching it! The full rules are at Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules.  But the gist of it is this: watch my video on 12/22/15, leave a comment, and you might win one of the following prizes:

* One (1) ebook copy of The One Discovered - JAN SIKES
* One (1) ebook copy of The One Enlightened - ELIZABETH NEWTON
*One (1) ebook copy of The One Betrayed - MICHAEL LYNES
*One (1) set of ALL THREE ebooks! :-) - SHIRLEY HARRIS-SLAUGHTER

It's that easy! Watch the video on 12/22, leave a comment, and wait to see if you win! Feel free to thumbs-up it if you like it. ;-) And by all means, share, share, share!!! :-D  As always, thank you for your support! XOXO

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Top Seller!!! Wow!

On the eve of the release of The One Betrayed (book 3 of The Chronicles of the Diasodz), I am sitting here in awe.  You see, I write not to become rich and famous but to have readers fall in love with my stories. Today, I learned that The One Discovered (book 1) is number 7 on Amazon's Best Seller's Top 100 Free Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Ebooks.  Earlier, this morning, it was in the #19 slot, and I was ecstatic! After all, 19 is my favorite number!  And now, it's in the lucky number 7 spot! I am definitely feeling lucky! :-)

I cannot wait to read the reviews of those who have downloaded the book.  And yes, I am spreading energy out into the world that reviews are written because reviews are the lifeline to a story.  Good, bad, indifferent...a review lets others know that you read it and have something to say about it.  It helps others gauge whether it's worth reading. 

I'm both nervous and excited about The One Betrayed's release tomorrow.  Those of you who have read the first two books have been relentless about wanting to know about TOB. :-) I thank you for your patience, and I hope that Rafe's story meets your expectations.  I know that these are my villains, but I love them just as much as my Diasodz, so save a little place in your heart for them, too. ;-)

In case you haven't heard (lol), in honor of the release of The One Betrayed, the first two books are discounted to help you (and I) spread the love of my Diasodz with others. So, feel free to tell everyone you know as well as the stranger sitting next to you on the bus or at your doctor's appointment or in your class get the idea. ;-) Happy reading!

  Book One will be free until 12/17. Download it here.
                                           For a paperback copy, you can purchase it here.

  Book Two is on sale for $0.99 until 12/18.  Order it here.
                                           For a paperback copy, you can purchase it here.

  And finally! Book Three is available tomorrow (12/17)! Order it here.
                                           For a paperback copy, you can purchase it here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The One Discovered is currently FREE!

With The One Betrayed just a couple of days away from being released, I've decided to have a little promotion of the first books in the series. So, for those of you who haven't started my series yet, I've just made it a whole lot easier. The One Discovered, Book 1 of the Chronicles of the Diasodz, is FREE for the next two days (12/15/15 - 12/17/15)! Download your copy now and lose yourself in the world of the Diasodz. :-) I'd love to hear from you if you download it and/or are currently reading it. :-)

Monday, December 7, 2015

The One Betrayed is available for pre-order!

     I have finally published the e-book version of The One Betrayed.  Its release date is 12/17/15, but it's already available for pre-order.  I am working on the print book's cover, and as soon as that is available, I will publish that as well.  Stay tuned for a huge sale on the first two books of this series! :-D In the meantime, pre-order your copy here so that you are one of the first to read it! 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cover Reveal

I am finally ready to release the cover for The One Betrayed.  Tatiana Vila at Vila Design did another amazing job! This cover captures Rafe's essence perfectly, and I'm excited to share his journey with you.  I am hoping to release The One Betrayed in about two weeks. I'm just doing the final touches on it now.  In the meantime, enjoy the cover, and spread the word.  The sexy Diasodz are back! :-)