Monday, October 23, 2017

The #RRBC Writers' Conference and Book Expo!

I am SO excited to announce that the #RRBC Writers' Conference & Book Expo is now LIVE! This conference is for all book lovers and writers.  The conference will stay open through Monday, October 29, 2017, to give you time to see everything!

There will be raffle prizes of books and gift cards every day! There are Author Booths where you will discover new authors with new books to add to your library. I will have my own author booth, so invite your friends to come meet me. :-) There will also be a scavenger hunt with amazing prizes to win! This event is an absolute must for book lovers, so help me spread the word! Happy reading! :-)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Author Spotlight - Laura Libricz

Welcome to another beautiful day! Today, we are celebrating Laura Libricz and her works! Laura writes historical fiction and has a beautiful way with words.  Read below and see for yourself.

The Port of Going #flashfiction #scifi @lauralibricz

The air hung thick with humidity, strangely conductive after the last few days of cold. Caroline pulled the heavy wrap off her shoulders as she walked to work. She passed the neglected dance hall on the pier by the Port of Coming and ducked away from a group of women who’d just arrived in the village. Caroline wondered why each new wave of settlers heated the water vapor in the air. The transports must disrupt some fine balance there when they entered the port.

They called the village ‘Coming and Going’ after the two ports. The village had historically been a crossroads, a meeting point, a stop-off place where people came to be picked up, rescued or to find themselves a new fate. A haven, a port of souls if you want to call it that. There were airways and seaways and a lawlessness that came with this sort of to-ing and fro-ing. Caroline had come to the village six months ago, looking for passage away. Too scared to go on, she got stuck in a job at the Port of Going overseeing the main gate.

There was a time when noble buildings made this a desirable place to begin a show-off journey. Back then, the gaming attracted a better sort, nicely-dressed folk out to raise the stakes of an expensive evening. Now, the gaming brought nothing but fortune hunters, organized crime, and plenty willing to sell themselves for another go with lady luck. As Coming and Going went to seed, the well-dressed, better sorts moved on to build a new port, leaving the village to decay. Those desperate for passage, like Caroline, were sent here.

The Port of Going hummed with early-morning traveller-seekers. Caroline unlocked the gate, fearing the humidity would irritate them. A siren blared three short shots. Overhead, the lights flickered. It happened at least once an hour, sometimes more. The humidity also seemed to mess with the way the sun’s energy was stored in the batteries. Then the lights went out, complete darkness. It would last five seconds. Five seconds of darkness brought thieves out of the cracks like cockroaches. They had the gift of Dark Sight, they were born with it, an undesirable gift. They meandered in and out of the traveller-seekers, the goers. After five seconds, the lights would come back on. Those who were thrown to the ground would shake themselves and look around, searching for their belongings.

“This is terrible,” the first traveller said. “Why is this port so dangerous? The Port of Coming is heavily guarded, controlled to the hilt, not like this dump.

The traveller was right, of course. All comers to the village were closely guarded, whereas goers could go. People escaping were happily transported away, someone else’s problem. Caroline watched the motley goers line up: a girl holding hands with a child; a man with a dream; three children chained together, to be transported and sold into slavery; a girl with a look on her face that said she was going to pay back every asshole who ‘dun her wrong.’ A teenage boy stood behind her, dressed as a soldier.

“This is the Port of Going,” the man with the dream said. “Nobody cares who goes. All are allowed to leave.”

Behind him in the line, a young woman appeared. She was heavy with child, visibly unwell. She waddled up to Caroline and waved her papers in Caroline’s face.

“I don’t want your papers,” Caroline said. “I need to scan your chip.”

The young woman flapped the papers. The edge just missed Caroline’s eye. The woman pounded her fist on the papers. She wanted to go and she needed her papers stamped to pass to the Nether Region, at least that was what her application said.

“Don’t you understand me?” Caroline said. “Your chip.”

The young woman lifted her braids to show she had no visible ears. Caroline had never seen this new breed, those with no hearing organs. They were supposedly better beings because they were compliant and could be remotely commanded by some other sensory perception. If that was true, how did she manage to escape to this port?

The lights went off again. Caroline saw the young woman go down. The lights came back on after five seconds. Those who were thrown to the ground stood back up. They shook themselves and looked around. In five seconds, the thieves had moved soundlessly through the goers and collected the spoils. The young woman had trouble getting to her feet. The line bottlenecked and people were visibly angry. The young woman must now stand or be trampled.

The lights flickered and went off again. Caroline saw the young woman go down again, swallowed in the angry crowd. Caroline was afraid of the violence the crowd could produce. The next angry traveller stepped over the young woman, saying nasty things and giving her a little shove with his foot. Caroline scanned him and let him pass. The next traveller was not as patient and shoved the young woman to the side. As the young woman came to her feet, the next traveller kneed her in the thigh and she went down again.

Caroline shut her gate, stoppering the bottleneck. “I will turn out the lights forever!”

The lights flickered and went out. Caroline also had the gift of Dark Sight. She watched the thieves hush like spirits between the traveller-seekers and strip them of their valuables. The travellers never saw them coming. Caroline grabbed the young woman, pulled her under the gate and towards the docking area. She would leave now on the next transport away from this horrible place.

If you are intrigued, then check out her books:

Available on Amazon. Click here!

Available on Amazon. Click here!

Laura Libricz’s Media Kit: Pictures, Book Covers, Links, Bios, Book Blurbs:

Laura's Bio:

Laura Libricz was born and raised in Bethlehem PA and moved to Upstate New York when she was 22. After working a few years building Steinberger guitars, she received a scholarship to go to college. She tried to ‘do the right thing’ and study something useful, but spent all her time reading German literature.

She earned a BA in German at The College of New Paltz, NY in 1991 and moved to Germany, where she resides today. When she isn’t writing she can be found sifting through city archives, picking through castle ruins or aiding the steady flood of musical instruments into the world market.

Her first novel, The Master and the Maid, is the first book of the Heaven’s Pond Trilogy. The Soldier’s Return and Ash and Rubble are the second and third books in the series.


Monday, October 2, 2017

Author Spotlight - Jennifer Hinsman

I can't think of a better way to start off October than with a wonderful author! Meet Jennifer Hinsman! I read her book, Souls, and really enjoyed it! :-)

Since the month of October is the month of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to share a poem I wrote.  It’s fun to play with words and rhyme.  One of my favorite books is Oh, The Places You Will Go by Dr. Suess, the rhythm and words are so fun to read, I could read it out loud over and over again!

Enjoy my poem and enjoy October!

Halloween Poem by Jennifer Hinsman

Cherub cheeks and ghosts abound

A running child makes a shrieking sound.

Ghastly make-up and wigs that glow

Porch lights on with treats to bestow.

Smiles on faces with candy in bags

Kids giggle at each other’s gags.

Pumpkins carved to scare

Freaky, frightening, take a dare.

‘Trick or treat’ is what everyone yells

Witches brew and cast their spells.

Will it be sunny?  Or will it snow?

Eerie sounds spook, it’s just the wind, I know.

Cobwebs and spiders decorate the door

Goblins, vampires, masks and more.

Big, gloomy houses suddenly seem haunted

Sinister souls lurk around, but candy is all I wanted.

Bone chilling?  Hair raising?  Yes, but it’s all for fun

Secretly I know staying calm is easier said, than done.

Don’t worry about all the bumps in the night

Halloween is this crazy holiday of fright.

Books by Jenny:

Souls is available on Amazon. Click here!

Angel of Death is available on Amazon. Click here!

Author Bio:

Jenny graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in business. She currently resides in Michigan with her husband, two sons, a furry son (pet dog) and a furry daughter (pet cat). Jenny is an avid reader and loves to escape with a great book. She is a huge animal lover and supports rescue organizations that help save all kinds of four-legged family members and more. All of her family pets have been rescues.

Twitter - @JennyHinsman1
Facebook - @SoulsANovel
Website -
Amazon -