Friday, October 31, 2014

The One Enlightened - Cover Reveal!

As promised, here is the final cover reveal for The One Enlightened, book 2 of the Chronicles of the Diasodz! I am absolutely in love with it! :-D Those of you who have read The One Discovered should be able to figure out which character(s) is(are) being represented on the cover. The rest of you will just need to read the books to find out. ;-)

Happy Halloween! ~and~ Congrats to October's Winners!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Today is a day of embracing the paranormal and fantasy worlds of our lives! So, it's fitting that my third giveaway for my YA paranormal/fantasy books take place today! :-D

Thank you to all of you who have liked my Facebook page, followed my Twitter account, and wrote a review.  Thank you for sharing my work and spreading the word.  Your positive energy embraces me, and I send some of it back to you through this giveaway.  So, as promised, here are the third set of winners for my giveaway!

A free e-book of The One Discovered goes to Twitter follower, M.tada (@aveirjapan)!

A free signed copy of The One Discovered goes to Facebook follower, Lily Faye Copes.

A free advanced reader's e-book copy of The One Enlightened will be sent to the following two reviewers before its release date:
1.  Pamela Foley (left a review of The One Discovered on Amazon)
2. Luz de la Paz (left a review of The One Discovered on Goodreads)

If you know any of these people, congratulate them on winning and thank them for supporting me! If you want to win one of the above items, simply like my Facebook and/or Twitter account, read my novel, and write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. :-)

If you are one of these people, please message me via any of those sites so that I may receive your information and send you the book. :-)

If you did not win this week, I will have another drawing at the end of November.  As an extra incentive, I will also send an extra e-book to a person who encourages his/her friends to follow my Facebook page.  Simply have your friends follow me and send me a message that you invited them to join my page. :-) I've had many new followers, but none of them posted the name of the person who recommended them to my page.  Please encourage your friends to give you a shout out so that I may reward you for your kindness! ;-)

I am diligently working on the revising of The One Enlightened.  My plans are on track to release it in December. I hope you like the cover (I'll be revealing the last part in a just a few moments).

Enjoy Halloween and all of the little munchkins who knock on your door as they explore their imaginations and the worlds beyond their everyday lives.  Celebrate their creativity and their excitement of being different for a day.  And, as always, blessed be! :-)