Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Introducing The One Chosen: A #Diasodz Short Story

Hello, beautiful readers! I'm so excited to share with you my newest short story, The One Chosen: A Diasodz Short Story. When the Rave Reviews Book Club ran their 90-Day Alpha/Omega Short Story Contest, this story begged to be written. For those of you who have enjoyed my Chronicles of the Diasodz series, you are in for a treat! :-)

This story explains the love story of Valerie and Nolan while also explaining how the love triangle of Nolan-Valerie-Drake began. Throughout the series, each character shares his/her recollection of this moment, but a funny thing happens with one's memory when he/she tries to recall the realities of the past. So, for those of you who've read my series, this short story will give you the facts. Lol!

If you haven't read my series yet, that's okay. Technically, this short story happens four hundred years before my series begins, so you won't be lost at all. In fact, I'm hoping you enjoy the story so much that you just have to start the series. ;-)

So, here it is! It's just $0.99, so you will want to grab it and devour it. Plus, as always, there's a sneak peak to the next novel I'll publish in a couple of months. Happy reading! :-)

Valerie is eager to learn the skills needed to become a Diasodz warrior, but when she meets her new trainer, all she can think about is him.

Nolan is a master trainer who has taught thousands of fledglings throughout his life. He has never had a relationship with a student nor does he plan to.

When Nolan and Valerie are thrust together on a routine mission, nothing goes as planned. If they want to survive, they will need to trust each other. But how do you trust someone who has rejected you? Nolan and Valerie must find a way or lose each other forever.

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