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Hello, beautiful readers! I have the privilege of sharing with you two great authors, Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey! Today, they will be sharing with you their book, The Enigma Factor. I just started reading this book and can tell you that it draws you in from the first scene!

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Our Inspiration

By Breakfield and Burkey

Outside events inspire and impact each of us differently. Perhaps that is how we effectively bring both gender viewpoints into our stories. Our readers and listeners are an even mix of genders and a broad age range of adults. We take actual events from our personal and professional experiences and interweave them into our stories. For the series, it is why we begin with a technology challenge to solve and then layer on travel, relationships, cybercriminals, intrigue, and splashes of humor. To a degree, these stories are like life, only more fun.

Sunsets and sunrises are appreciated by us both, yet our reactions and comments are different. We like to travel with our respective families and for business. We have traveled to many cities and multiple continents. We discovered each of us take photos of the morning's rising splendor or the vibrant blaze of the evening before the sun winks out. Color variations from the clouds, temperature, geolocation, and time of year make each event unique and memorable. Often, we take those colors to paint a scene. You might find a photo in our workspace of a riotous sunset to help launch our writing into overdrive.

Children's laughter is another element we each deal with differently. Breakfield finds it cute and funny when a child laughs with delight. Burkey cracks up, frequently unable to contain herself for several minutes. Just so you know, crying, kicking, and fussing children inspire us to seek shelter from the storm or, if appropriate, try to calm them. Both of us have our respective grown children, who, in our minds, are much better behaved than most of the youngsters we see during travel today. Yes, we box the ears of our characters, the adult ones, the cyber thugs, or darknet actors in our TechnoThriller series. It is funny how misbehaving children we've observed are woven into our evil geniuses.

Breakfield is particularly fond of motorcycles, especially those with a Harley emblem. He enjoys long rides, exploring the winding country roads with no speed limit, so he can make up his own. Several of his more outrageous motorcycle excursions inspired a portion of The Enigma Factor. Our two primary characters, Petra and Jacob, have a date on the backroads of Long Island.  Burkey is fonder of driving cars fast. She knows several officers on a first-name basis. Her first new car purchase, like ever, was a luxury, smart-car. The capabilities of this vehicle were used for an outrageous, plausible event in The Enigma Wraith. Sometimes we save these inspirations for other stories, or they occur in the right place or at the right time for a story gap.

Travel encourages lots of ideas. Breakfield and Burkey enjoy trips for work and pleasure with our respective families. Breakfield does most of his two-wheel riding across Texas with the small towns, beautiful historic state parks, outstanding wineries, and miles of two-lane roads. Our respective work trips have crossed multiple continents with cities many people only read about.

Istanbul's beauty, people, and rich history are used in The Enigma Dragon as a backdrop for some dodgy people. London is another target in that story with details of streets experienced and visited. Our fondness of the sights, sounds, people, and activities will eventually make it into one or more fictional tales.

People we know are often incorporated into characters. For example, Breakfield's Galway, Ireland buddy became a target our cyber good guys of the R-Group helped in The Enigma Wraith. John C. helped review the contents and terms of the draft copy. He laughed at the voice characterization he received in the audible format by our voice actor, Derek Shoales, but John enjoyed listening to this story. One of Breakfield's technical counterparts made it into The Enigma Source.  Even though he was cast as working for the bad guys, we didn't have the heart to whack him in the story.

People are the best inspiration for Breakfield and Burkey, but you'll need to discover that when you read our series.  Stay on the lookout for the bank robber and alleged wife murderer who Breakfield knew. It is chilling to have FBI agents question why you were trying to sell financial investments to a bank robber looking to invest or real estate to someone laundering his drug money. Hey, Breakfield didn't know what they did for a living, but thankfully, those two are incarcerated today. As the title of this article states, inspiration comes from the most unlikely places.

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