Thursday, December 7, 2017

Happy Letter Writing Day!

Amazon posted that today is Letter Writing Day, so I thought I'd create a letter from one of my characters to another to celebrate the occasion. :-) This letter would take place toward the beginning of The One Awakened, which will be released later this month.  So, for those of you who have read my first four books, here is a little sneak peak. ;-)

My dearest children,

I doubt that you will ever see this letter.  I feel my energy fading and could not leave this world without having expressed my love for each of you. Rafe was kind enough to sneak a few sheets of paper and a pencil to me a few weeks ago.  I have not seen him since, so I am quite certain that he has abandoned me.

I have lost count of the time that I have spent in this cell.  I tried my best to stay strong, but when Sofia was dragged out of her adjoining cell by those grotesque demons, I lost all desire for facades.  I have tried to absorb strength from the earth at my feet, but even it is barren, just like my reserves of hope.  The darkness is overwhelming.  Evil and hatred permeate the air, making it hard to breathe.

I have had much time to reflect upon my life and the choices that have led me to this very cell.  There are times when I wish I would have made better choices, but then I imagine how it may have changed the outcome, and I find that the alternative would not have been better.  I can only hope that the Goddess will show me compassion when I am finally with Her.

Ar'ch, I remember when I first held you in my arms.  Though you were not my child, I felt an immediate need to care for you.  I fell in love with you completely.  Maybe it was because your mother and I had already become friends.  Those years with you were some of the happiest of my life, and I feel honored to have had a part in your upbringing.

Angel, my biggest burden has always been giving you away.  I do not regret my decision because I know that you have been given a blessed life with powers and a lifestyle that you never could have had with me.  Still, from the moment your seed left my body, I have felt a void within me that has never been filled.  I only wish you could know how very much I love you.

Rafe, I was a fool to let Damiana raise you, though I have to believe the Goddess influenced my decision.  I tried to stay close to you to protect you from a distance, and it saddens me that you developed such hatred toward me.  I understand it, but I wish it weren't so.  Despite your anger and resentment, I see such goodness in you. I pray that you will embrace that which is good in your soul and do right by us all.

And Sofia... Goddess, how I love you! You were never mine to love, but you are the only one that I was blessed to raise as a mother.  I regret not sharing our Goddess' prophecy with you earlier.  Maybe if I had told you more about the Diasodz and your role in our future, I could have kept you safer.  I fear that you are suffering, and I will never forgive myself if you are kept from fulfilling your destiny because of my inaction.

My eyes grow weary.  There is little light within this dismal place.  I ask that you each forgive me for the pain that I have brought into your life.  I pray that you know that I truly love you.  I am not giving up.  I will continue to fight to live because I want to see you again, but if I lose my fight, know that you all were in my heart to the very end.

With infinite love,


Well, there you go! I hope you enjoyed it. :-)  If you haven't read my series yet, I encourage you to start reading it from the beginning.  The finale will be released in about a week, and I have no doubt that you will love it.  Here are the links to the Chronicles of the Diasodz:

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