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For those of you who have not been introduced to my series yet, meet the Chronicles of the Diasodz. It is a young adult fantasy series with plot twists, difficult choices, and an ultimate battle between good and evil, where the souls of everyone are at risk!

Today, I'm going to share with you an interview with my character, Mel. When I first planned the series, Mel was going to be killed in The One Discovered. She was a means to an end, but Mel had much different plans. She kept nagging at me that she could be quite useful in the plot of future books, and with a little arm-twisting, Mel got her wish. I'm quite happy I listened to her because she became an integral part of the series. :-) Enjoy getting to know Mel a bit more.

Hi, Mel! Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

It's the least I could do since you didn't kill me. Then again, you didn't really have much of a choice in that one. My plan was brilliant.

Yes, it was. I will admit to that. Why don't we start with you telling our readers about your family growing up.

You're not wasting time going for the jugular today. Fine. I grew up with my mom, who was the most incredible mom anyone could ever ask for. I never got to know my father growing up because he left my mother before he even knew she was pregnant with me.

Why did he leave her?

He forgot about the great power of love when he realized his great love of power. He chose to become a demon and work for Damiana. 

So, he left your pregnant mother to become a servant of someone else?

Stupid, huh? (rolls eyes) Technically, he didn't know she was pregnant with me until it was too late, but whatever... He gave up all rights to me the moment he walked out of my mom's life. As for becoming a servant, he wasn't just any servant. He was the right-hand man for the queen of the Raizyns. He thought that would eventually get him the power he wanted. He should have known better than to have trusted someone who doesn't believe in the Goddess!

Could you help our readers understand who the Raizyns are?

Sure, though if they don't know, they haven't read your books yet, and that's a damn shame! Don't you go giving me that look, missy! I speak my mind, and you know it. (takes a breath) Anyway, the Raizyns are Diasodz who have chosen to foresaken our Goddess and pledge their loyalties to Lucifer. Basically, they're stupid. They are led by Drake, their king, and Damiana, their queen. Don't get me started on those two because I'll give away your whole story! I still can't believe you were going to kill me off in book one, but those two crazy-as-hell psychos made it to the last book.

Mel, relax. I thought you and I worked past that. So, where do you stand in this crowd? Are you a Diasodz or a Raizyn?

Diasodz, through and through. My momma didn't raise no fool! I just wish she didn't make so many bad decisions for herself. (sighs and shakes her head) I have always loved the Goddess, even when I had to pretend I didn't. I am not even upset with her for not blessing me with one of those sexy tattoos that hold powers to call.

Not even a little?

(pursing her lips) Well, maybe a little. I mean, Ar'ch's tattoos give him swords at his call. Angel's got blades, Rafe's got axes, and my Kai has those spears.  And don't get me started with that ever-so-sexy tattoo of a vine wrapping down Z's back! When she touches her tatt, and that spiked whip appears in her hands... (sighs) Maybe I am a little jealous, but overall, I feel blessed. Even without a power to call, I still have my powers to shape-shift into whatever form I want, and that comes in real handy. (smirks)

 You mentioned Kai.  How are things going with him?

Girl, you are not going to get me to start telling people who have yet to invest in my life about my private affairs. Oh, hells no! Let them learn about all I went through to get him before asking me how we are doing. 

(laughs) Fair enough.

You know what you could do? You could write me one of those short novellas to share all that I'm up to with all these fine folk. Now, there's another one of my brilliant ideas!

Okay, Mel. I think we are done for today. I'm not getting you all riled up about how much attention you still feel you deserve.  Thanks for helping me share your world with our readers today.

You're welcome, but you won't be getting another one of these out of me until you write me my own little story. Just sayin'...

I hope you all enjoyed that little interview. Mel is not the main character of my series (shhh... don't tell her that!), but she truly was an integral part of it. This series started with a dream (which you can read about here) and grew a life of its own. I hope you are intrigued enough to take a chance and read it! Below is the blurb for the first book. Because it is a series, sharing the other book blurbs will give away the endings of each book, and I'd hate to spoil the plot twists for you. ;-)

How do you choose when both options have dire consequences?

Sofia is a 17 year old who is quite content with her life. She has a caring boyfriend who also just happens to be her best friend since birth. She has a loving mother. She is successfully completing her last year of high school and enjoys her part-time job. She can’t imagine wanting more from her life…until Ar’ch (pronounced Ar-rick) enters her dreams, sparking a burning flame inside of her that she can’t seem to extinguish nor does she want to.

Ar’ch is a Diasodz (Die-ah-sodz), a species created by the Goddess back when God created humans. Diasodz were made to heal and protect humans, but when the Diasodz turned their backs on helping humans and left Earth to live in their own world, the Goddess abandoned them. Since then, their powers and their very lives have been fading. A prophecy foretold that a young girl born on Earth would be the Diasodz’s savior. Ar’ch and his brother, Angel, travel to Earth to retrieve her and bring her back to their world before her death day in order to save their kind. Ar’ch knows the drill: find the target, capture her, and safely bring her home. But what happens when the target captures his dormant heart?

Choices create action. Actions have consequences. When faced with the truth, what choice will Sofia make? Will she be able to accept the consequences that follow?

Here are a couple of trailers about the series! Be forewarned, the second trailer goes into all of the books.

The One Discovered

The first four books

The series finale

Are you ready to start your journey into the world of the Diasodz? Your adventure begins now! Click here for The One Discovered!

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