Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reflections of 2017

I want to take a moment to say goodbye to 2017.  It's been a whirlwind of a year for me, but through it all, I have found an inner peace that is wonderful.  It was always there, but the busyness of life and my anxieties had smothered her until she was buried so deeply that I couldn't even get a glimpse of her.  I have spent this year healing physically and mentally, and I've peeled away the layers of burden that had trampled upon my soul. I am stronger in every way and I am happy, not because of an event that has occurred or because a special someone has given me attention but because I am learning to be mindful and to be present in the moment.  It isn't always easy, but the rewards supersede the effort exerted.

 So, I leave 2017 with my box of memories filled with the most valuable staples of my life.  I'll share a few with you. :-)

Family and Love

Moments with my family are priceless. I am grateful for the close bond that I have with my parents and my sister. And I love that my cousins want our family to be close. Each year, we take two camping trips with all the cousins and our kids.  Our kids have become very close and love those trips.  Not only is it great bonding time, but it also resets our systems because we escape our hectic lives and remember to slow down and appreciate the little things.



My country (USA) is so beautifully rich in nature.  I am in awe of its magnificence. My road trip this year took me across the west coast, and I loved every minute of it. From the snow-capped mountains to the waterfalls (that we climbed to the top of). I live in Miami, so I take every advantage of enjoying the beaches around me as well as the campgrounds in Florida. The beach always calms me and grounds me.  Maybe it's the Pisces in me, but the ocean has always reset my system. :-)

Accomplishments and Wonder

As a single mom, I focus on teaching my son the value of learning and trying new things.  I am beyond proud of the accomplishments that he has earned in school, but the life lessons are just as valuable.  I love his curiosity and his excitement at trying something new. I marvel at how he feels trepidation before the event but pushes through anyway and revels in the moment.  This year included a lot of firsts for us. Two of those firsts were riding in a hot air balloon and playing in snow.  The picture of my dad is here because he inspires me.  My dad has had 14 surgeries on his foot in that past three years.  There was a time that we thought he would lose it, but he never gave up.  This year, he and I hiked up hills and mountains together.  It did not matter how high or how rough; he was going to climb that mountain and prove to himself that he still could.  It is that spirit and determination that I carry with me when I get frustrated. Of course, I could not leave out the release of The One Awakened. ;-) This series has been a work of heart for me, and I am proud of this book. :-)

Adventure and a Zest for Life

This year, I learned to embrace those parts of me that make me different, to accept that they help make me who I am, and to love myself no matter what.  As I welcome in 2018, I look forward to continuing to enjoy this journey called life.  Here's to another year filled with family, love, nature, and wonder! Happy New Year, everyone! :-)


  1. Hello Yvette! It seems that you and I were on the same path this year. I'm glad that you're healing and happy. I've seen many of these pictures on Instagram. They're lovely and it looks like you and your family had lots of fun. I believe sharing fun times with loved ones, especially in nature is one of the keys to happiness. Wishing you a joyous, healthy and prosperous new year filled with lots of love and laughter. <3

    1. Thank you, Vashti! 😊 May this year be wonderful and joyous for you as well. 😊

  2. Glad you found your peace this year! Love all the pictures, too. Nature is my favorite place. Happy New Year, Yvette:)


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