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Today I have the pleasure of sharing a science fiction thriller by author John Coon entitled Under a Fallen Sun! Before I share his book with you, John would like to share with you some great advice on "Painting a Picture with Words."

Painting a Picture with Words

One of the beautiful things about writing fiction is how it gives you opportunities to unfold your imagination. What you see in your head, you can put it down on page after page to share with others. It's so much fun bringing to life a fictional world filled with interesting characters and unique settings.

The setting in particular can play a huge role in how the plot evolves or progresses. It also influences how characters act and react within the context of the story.

Going into Detail

Settings play an important role in genre fiction. A good setting can serve as foreshadowing and give a reader clues for what to expect as the story progresses. The setting itself can almost function as a character unto itself through the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that characters within the story experience there.

Certain settings are tied closely to specific genres. An old, dark house on a stormy night signals the beginnings of a ghost story or a murder mystery. A weathered spaceship with scorch marks from laser fire adorning the walls could be where a space opera adventure unfolds. How you choose to describe these settings goes a long way to setting the right tone and atmosphere for the action that unfolds in subsequent chapters.

Settings should include enough detail to allow a reader to see the place without really being there. Think of how you would describe a room to a blind person. What details would you focus on that best characterized the room? That's the approach to take when creating your setting. Your reader, in essence, is the blind person who is counting on you to describe the room so they can see it without their eyes.

Avoid Overkill

There's such a thing as including too much description. Some authors approach their novels as if they are getting paid a princely sum per word. They will spend page after page on including the smallest details in each scene before moving forward.

I personally detest this approach to writing. Flowery prose does not make a story better. Spewing word vomit all over the page does not enhance a setting. A scene almost always works better when the setting stays in the background and the focus remains on the characters and the plot.

The approach I take in Under a Fallen Sun, Pandora Reborn, and my works in progress is to only touch on enough detail to paint a picture. I prefer to let my readers fill in the blanks with their imaginations. It makes it a much more rewarding experience when they are allowed to be creative partners in building a fictional world instead of having everything spoon fed to them like a toddler.

Ultimately, an author needs to strike a balance with painting a verbal picture. The setting should be detailed enough to feel alive and real, but not so detailed that it overwhelms the rest of the story.


 John shares great advice! And there is no doubt that his book, Under a Fallen Sun, follows this advice! So, if you're looking for a great sci-fi thriller, you have to check out his book!

Book Blurb:

Paige is on a desperate quest to find her missing brother Todd. She undertakes a road trip with her friends along the same route where he vanished nearly a month earlier. A broken down car leads them to seek help in Travis, an isolated West Texas town. 

Travis harbors frightening secrets. A mysterious energy barrier traps all visitors within the town. Signs of violent struggles are present in many buildings. And horrifying changes have overtaken the few surviving residents. 

Efforts to unravel the frightening mystery behind what happened in Travis brings the group face to face with an adversary from across the stars. An enemy they never knew existed has come to Earth. Now the fate of the entire human race could hinge on the survival of Paige and her friends.

Amazon best selling author John Coon delivers a captivating science fiction thriller that explores what it means to be human and the terrifying implications of humanity not being alone in the galaxy.

Here’s more information on the author:
John Coon has possessed a love for writing since age 12 when he typed out his first stories on an old typewriter belonging to his parents. For 15 years, John has worked as a sports journalist. His byline has appeared in multiple publications and on multiple websites nationwide. John currently writes for the Associated Press and Athlon Sports. He is a graduate of the University of Utah and currently resides in the Salt Lake City metro area. John published his debut novel Pandora Reborn in 2018. Under a Fallen Sun is his second novel.

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Happy Book Lovers Day!

Hello, beautiful readers! Today is Book Lovers Day! And we all know how much I LOVE books! So, in honor of BLD, I am giving you The One Betrayed for FREE today!

This is book three in my series, but it is also the story from a different character's point of view. If you've read The One Discovered but you haven't read The One Enlightened, you can still read this book. And The One Discovered is also FREE, so why not download both of them and read them now! ;-)