Saturday, June 3, 2017

Spotlight Author - Wendy Scott!

I am so happy to spotlight this fantastic author, Wendy Scott! I have several of her books on my TBR list and cannot wait to read them! Please join me in welcoming Wendy to my page!

Today, Wendy is going to share with us Lodestone, Book 1, Witch Hunt Series.

Lodestone (Witch-Hunt) review by author Aoife Marie Sheridan.

"When I first started reading the book it felt like Harry Potter, a story written for a younger person, but I was given this book by the author for an honest review so I kept reading.

Wow. What a story, I cried so many times, not just a few tears, at one stage I had to stop reading because it became too much for me. The loss of a loved one in the book was so real and raw; that it felt as if the author's own experiences had been pasted in this book. It tore at me so much. Lauren was a woman cursed in a sense since birth, hardworking, loyal, and loving and what she was subjected to and suffered was heart wrenching, and her vengeance was understandable it was as powerful as her love.

The story is told mostly through the eyes of Sabrina a healer growing up in a world where witch craft is forbidden by the Order of Lauren. Sabrina is kind and shy, simple in ways living a protected life, with no knowledge of who she is. Until she discovers she is a relative of Lauren a women who is remembered incorrectly as being evil. As the story develops we see Sabrina conquer her fears, and she grows so much it’s like watching her transform into another person.  The story is fast paced and doesn’t slow down at all, the lands that the author creates are haunting at times, yet so breath-taking like the forest  or the city of Sha’ La’ Shang. The plot is thick with deceit, murder and greed.

The love story between Sabrina and Micah is there through the whole book, but it doesn’t over power the story at all, it alters the future for Sabrina, but I can’t wait to read the second book to see where they end up, and find out what exactly Sabrina will do now that her powers have fully ignited.
A wonderful story, one that I would highly recommend, I applaud the author for a tale that made me cry, squirm with unease, and made my heart pound with anticipation."


Behind the scenes of Lodestone with Fantasy Author Wendy Scott.

One of my aims is to deliver a story with an emotional punch. In Lodestone, I explore the maternal bond between a mother and daughter.

Hell crash lands into Lauren’s world on a broomstick. She faces every mother’s worst nightmare when her daughter is abducted by the witches. Never one to stand idly by, Lauren retaliates and discovers an unquenchable thirst for vengeance.

The repercussions of Lauren’s actions still reverberate in Valloaria generations later. In the same circumstances, if it was your child, would you have done what Lauren did? Would you have raised the Lodestone?

Sabrina, Lauren’s last descendant, is the only one left who has the power to undo Lauren’s legacy, but it’s a suicide mission. Does she sacrifice her future to fix someone else’s mistakes from the past? Would you?

In the US, Amazon has 124 reviews and a 4.4* rating for this book!

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