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Hello, beautiful readers! I have started 2024 focused on reading and writing. Not only have I written for at least half an hour almost every day in January, I have also managed to review a few chapters for my critique group and have read a few books. I hope I can keep this rhythm for the entire year. Here are the books I read in January that deserve to be highlighted.

by PTL Perrin

Genre: Teen and Young Adult, Science Fiction

Pages: 284 pages


Troubled Storm won’t risk losing someone else he loves. He won’t let anyone in, especially Sky, who has a nasty habit of breaking through his defenses. Then he’s taken off-world, and everything changes.

Millions of artifacts spread throughout the globe need healing before the planet is safe, and only four teens can fix them. They must do the impossible, or Terra and another planet whose fate is entwined with ours will die.

A looming war threatens to end humanity. A vicious alien has marked Jewel as his own against her will and would destroy the planet to claim her. Pax would give his life to free her. If either is lost, so is Terra. If every sentient species inhabiting our planet can cooperate, Terra may still be doomed.

In this compelling conclusion of the Tetrasphere series, only one thing can save the planet now. Will they discover it in time?

My Review: 

I cannot say enough fantastic things about this series. It was amazing! This book is the final book in the series, and I highly recommend you start at the beginning (here). The "Star Children" have been called upon to save Terra from destroying itself. The problem is they can't do it alone and the other parties don't seem to know how to help them. While trying to figure that out, they also have to deal with Shaula trying to kidnap Jewel and claim her as his own.

This story kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire ride. Every time they seem to make progress, something would happen to bring chaos into their lives. The author created a brilliant series with incredible creatures, all while infusing science and myths into her storyline. Her gift of description made the scenes jump off the pages. 

The story follows four characters, and each one tells part of the story in their own voice. In book one, it took a bit to get used to, but I'm so happy she told the story in this manner because I became invested in all four of them. Plus, there were certain scenes that only one character could truly explain to allow the reader to know what was happening. And the final solution to saving the world was just perfect! I loved this series and would highly encourage everyone to read it.

by Jude Itakali

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 162 pages


In love, at the crossroads of loneliness, we are often at our most vulnerable; longing and lust entangle, fear breeds deception, and love’s intimacy may pave the way to heartbreak’s horrors.
For alas the wind blows where the wind wants.
And yet it always carries hope

Over 120 poems and prose-stories to blow you on a search for love, discovering ecstasies, suffering pains, and finding understanding.
Enjoy Free verse poems, poetic fiction stories, as well as poetry forms like Sonnets, haiku, ballads, tanka, etheree, and many more.

My Review: 

This book of poetry and prose is so beautifully written. I was exposed to Mr. Itakali's poetry through our TankaTuesday poetry group and his blog and fell in love with his brilliant way of weaving emotions into his words. This collection did not disappoint! Broken into different sections, the poet takes us on a journey through the different stages of love, creating scenes that are so easily relatable. 

Some of my favorite poems were Stuck on You, Sickness, True Love?, Dark Refuge, Abandoned by the Tide, Memory, Fighting Depression, Bars of Sorrow, and Endless Love.

I also loved his poetic stories. In fact, those were some of my favorites! Here are a few that really resonated with me: Marenga, Inflamed, and Beautiful Lies.

Interspersed were haikus that were just incredible, such as: 
As the lioness lusts
Pheromones disperse
Driving suitors mad

This collection dives deep into romantic love, betrayal, lust, passion, heartache, and everything in between. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who loves poetry.

Have you read any great books this month? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Great reviews, Yvette:) I loved the Terasphere Series too! I have Crossroads on my reading list. I need to move it up. Xo

    1. It was really good, Denise! You're going to love it! Thanks for visiting today. :-)

  2. Crossroads… I need to get this one. Thanks. Xo Selma

    1. It was so good, Selma! I think you'll really enjoy it. :-)

  3. Great reviews, Yvette. Thanks for reviewing mine. Crossroads is my first book ever and i gave a lot of myself to it.

    1. Oops sorry, that came out as anonymous. It's me, Jude.

    2. I loved it, Jude! I have at least one of your stories on my kindle and look forward to reading it! :-)

  4. Loved your reviews, Yvette, and I'll be reading Crossroads. Thanks so much for your review of Terra's Anthem and your shout out to the rest of the Tetrasphere series. Your opinion means the world to me!

    1. The pleasure was all mine, Patty! It's an awesome series! I think you'll enjoy Jude's poetry. He is gifted with creating beauty and emotions our of words. :-)


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