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 Hello, beautiful readers! Today starts week 4 of the #RRBC 30-Day Blogging Challenge. Here's a recap of what you've missed:

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Today was a teacher planning day. I took the day off with pay, which we are allowed to do if we work before the school year starts without getting paid. Instead, I got three hours in at my part time job, paid bills, made some necessary phone calls, took my son to an appointment, organized my tax statements, and had dinner and a show with my son. It was a busy but productive day, so I'm happy.

Now, let's get into our next trip. In 2019, we decided to visit Alaska. After a lot of research, we decided to do a 15-day cruise tour with Princess Cruises. A cruise tour consist of a 7-day cruise and the rest of the days on a land tour with the cruise line. I was extremely happy with our choice, though if I had to do it again, I would to the land tour first.

It was my son's first time on a cruise ship, and he loved it! We started in Vancouver. We arrived the night before and didn't really explore since we got in late. Our first day was at sea so we just explored the ship.

Our first stop was in Ketchikan. We visited the Totem Bight State Historic Park and walked around the village for a bit. We also attended the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show, which was a lot of fun.


Juneau was stop number two. I am very good at budgeting, but I also know that sometimes you just have to spend money. Juneau was one of those times that I splurged. Our excursion was amazing! We took a helicopter tour to the top of a glacier where we landed and went dog sledding. At first, I was worried about the poor dogs being abused, but just a few minutes with them made me realized how much they love what they do. In fact, if the guide stayed in one place too long, they'd start barking or pulling a bit to let her know they wanted to run. It was an incredible experience, and we loved every minute of it. It was our first time in a helicopter and dog sledding.


Then, we were off to Skagway where we took a tour to the Yukon Suspension Bridge. We stopped at a petting zoo and saw some of the native animals. We also visited Carcross Desert and an incredibly beautiful lake.


The next day was spent on the ship at Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve where we got to see the glaciers up close. My mom and I enjoyed a massage while my dad and son hung out. We even saw a couple of whales off in the distance.


We had another at see day, this time at College Fjord. We played BINGO and spent time outside enjoying the glaciers. My parents and I also enjoyed a wine tasting while my son hung out with other kids on the ship. Then, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful fjord a little bit. 


Our last cruise day ended in Whittier. We picked up our land tour there. Before heading to our first lodge, we stopped at a wildlife rescue to see some more animals. We even saw two bears playing with each other. It was very cute! Our first stop was the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge. Our accommodations were a cabin with a fireplace, sofa, and great bathroom. We hiked around the lodge and visited the area of the Great Alaska Earthquake


We then visited Seward. We went to the Alaska Sealife Center and the Kenai Fjords National Park.


The next day it was off to Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge. On the way there, we stopped at the Iditarod Trail Race Headquarters and learned more about dog mushing. We even got to hold and pet huskies! We saw a couple of bull moose during the bus ride, which was cool. 


We took a jet boat adventure where we learned about Alaskan native living. My son and father also explored a Treehouse Masters' tree house. 




Then, we were off to the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. We took the McKinley Explorer, which is a train with a glass ceiling so we could take in all the surroundings, and the sights were breathtaking! We used that day as a travel and rest day and explored the resort.


The following morning, I got up early to take a tour at the Denali National Park and Preserve. I saw all sorts of animals : rabbits, bears, moose, and deer. Then, I joined the rest of the family exploring the town. 

On our last day, in Fairbanks, we went gold panning at the Gold Dredge 8. We got to take the gold nuggets we found home with us. We took a little train ride as well. 


Then, we hopped on a Riverboat Discovery steamboat that stopped at a few locations for us to get down and learn more about Alaskan life. We got up close and personal with a few moose, visited a dog mushing ranch, and visited a native camp. And then, it was time to head home.



Have you ever been to Alaska? Would you want to? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. What an amazing trip, Yvette! You and your son experienced so many 'firsts!' First helicopter ride, first dog sled ride, first glacier, first cruise together, oh, my! What memories! I love following along with your pictures. You'd be a great travel writer, but then, you're a great writer.


    1. Thanks, Patty! My dad would be an incredible travel writer. He remembers every detail and the history behind it. I've asked him many times to journal his trips, but he hasn't yet, except sometimes on Facebook. Have you seen those yet? They are SO detailed. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

    2. I do follow your dad on FB and I've read every one of his travelogues. Love the history and the details he writes!

  2. It's fun to watch your handsome son grow through these photos. You've had some incredible journeys!

    1. Thank you, Jan! We truly have. I am blessed to have been able to have these experiences with my parents and my son. :-)

  3. Hi,Yvette,
    The pics are wonderful. but the ones with the snow were too much snow for me. I don' think I would have gone to Alaska. But you all looks like you had so much fun. Great!
    Shalom aleichem

    1. Believe it or not, the temperature was usually in the 70s. It was coldest at sea because of the wind, but it wasn't terribly cold. And you know I can't handle the cold, so that's saying a lot! Thanks for sharing, Pat! :-)

  4. I loved the post and photos! I'd like to do this but my wife refuses to go to Alaska. Her idea of a cruise is to basque in the sunlight and drink beer. We've done two in the Caribbean and talking about another next year. I'm trying to convince her to take the Hawaii cruise where you can explore the various islands in the chain. Your parents looked happy. You are truly blessed!

    1. I am truly blessed, John! I'm actually doing a Hawaii cruise this summer, so maybe I'll be able to help you convince her. ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Yvette--It's Wanda. These photos are amazing. I love your travelogues. I'll never get to Alaska, even though I know some folk music DJs there. One is a teacher. She joins our folk DJ Zoom calls. She's someone who's out of our time zone, and she still participates. Your photos are wonderful.

    1. If you ever get the opportunity, I would go. It's a beautiful state! Just go during June or July so you don't freeze! Lol! Thanks for commenting today, Wanda! :-)

  6. My husband wants to go on a cruise, but I don't know if I can handle the feeling of a small cabin and being stuck on a ship.

    1. Get a balcony suite. It's a little more expensive, but it takes away that "small cabin" feel. The ships nowadays are HUGE. You can get lost on them. And most days, you are off the ship exploring a destination. Try doing some research and choose a cruise that maximizes the time on land. You just might find that you love them. Thanks for stopping by today, Susanne! :-)


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