Sunday, January 15, 2023

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Hello, beautiful readers! It's Day 14 of the #RRBC 30-Day Blogging Challenge! I've survived two weeks of blogging. Yay me! 

Today is Sunday, which is usually a beach day for me, but it was 51 degrees this morning with a high of 64, so the beach didn't happen. Even with the wind shields we put up on colder days, that temperature is just too cold. If it were 74 degrees, we probably would have gone, but that ten degree difference settles in the bones, so it isn't worth it.

Instead, I met with another group of friends for lunch. I have different friends from different parts of my life, and they rarely intermix. I have my beach/club friends, my work friends, my friends from high school/college, my childhood friends (scattered around the world), and random friends that I've met along life's journey. Today's lunch was with my college friends, specifically my sorority friends.

I never intended to join a sorority. I've always been a bit socially insecure. I know...I just listed a bunch of friend groups, but those groups are small, and it took me a while to open up and embrace those friendships. So, how did someone like me end up in a sorority?

As a freshman in college, I was working at a place called Discovery Zone. It has since closed down in my area. There was a girl there who was also starting the same university at the same time as me. So, we became friends and decided to venture into the college world together. 

During our first semester, she became excited about the idea of joining a sorority, but she was nervous about going through the rush process alone. Rush is a time when you visit all the different sororities on campus. They try to convince you to join while also deciding whether they want to give you an invitation. I told her I wasn't really into the social scene, but she begged me to rush with her so she wouldn't be alone. So, I did.

The whole process was a bit overwhelming for me. I was used to having just a few friends that I hung out with, and now I had hundreds of girls trying to convince me that their sisterhood was where I belonged. At the end, my friend and I were invited to join one of the sororities, Phi Mu Fraternity

I had felt a connection with a couple of the girls, and I loved their philanthropy endeavors and their motto. I just didn't know if it was for me. I always felt awkward in social settings (and still do sometimes). But my friend was so excited and wanted me to join with her so we could bond on another level, so I pushed down my insecurities and joined.

There were highs and lows during my college years in Phi Mu. The highs: 

  • I learned to be a bit more vulnerable and let people into my life a little more. I went to a lot of parties with fraternities and got to flirt and dance. (If you've read my other posts, you know I love dancing. As for the flirting, I was a big flirt. It's interesting because I was usually shy and preferred not to have attention, but I loved to flirt. I think I enjoyed it because it was casual, noncommittal fun where I could almost be a fake, confident version of myself for a little while.) 
  • I became more involved in community service through our philanthroy and enjoyed helping others. It was one of the things that led me to decide to become a teacher for children with disabilities. It also led me to Kappa Delta Pi, which is an honor society for education.
  • I stepped into leadership roles because of Phi Mu. I became the secretary of records for the sorority. I also became the president of our local chapter of Order of Omega, an honors society for sororities and fraternities.
  • I met a few really phenomenal women that I still consider my friends. Those are the ones I had lunch with today.
The lows were few but impactful. As with any time you get a large group of young girls together, there will always be a few who feel the need to tear others down to lift themselves up. I became one of their targets. I had no sense of fashion, so they would make comments on my attire often. I believed in following rules, and they enjoyed breaking them. I was shy and insecure, and they exploited that. It also didn't help that I didn't care whether I was in the 'in' group, so they did all they could to make me part of the 'out' group. 

At the time, it was very hurtful. The friend that had convinced me to join wanted to be part of the 'in' group, so our friendship slowly dissolved. And yet, I had found a few girls that I felt at home with, and I was happy with that. Looking back now, I can see those experiences through the lenses of reflection and acceptance. I am happy I joined and experienced all that I did. It strengthened parts of me and helped guide me to become the person I wanted to be. I'm grateful for the sisters that are still in my life.

So, here is are a few pictures of my lunch group from today. We try to get together every few months to have lunch. It isn't always consistent, but we try. We had a great time hanging out, and even watched part of the Dolphins play off game. 

Great restaurant called North Italia by Dadeland Mall

My big sis and I (sorority sis, not biological)

The whole group

I am a HUGE Dolphins fan, win or lose. The game was at halftime when we left the restaurant, so I drove to my parents' house to watch the last half with my parents, sister, nephew, and niece. Unfortunately, we lost, but they gave a good fight, especially with a 7th-string quarterback.

When it ended, I ran a quick errand and then went home. I got another hour in at my part time job. I exercised inside again since it was too cold to be outdoors and then enjoyed my dinner and a show with my son.

Did you ever join a sorority or fraternity? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. This is Wanda. I never joined a sorority when I was in college, but I only went to college full time for two years. Then I dropped out and finished my degree while I worked full time during the day and took classes at night.

    Your day today sounds like it was a wonderful way to spend a cool day in Miami. If it had been 51 here in upstate New York, we would have been walking around without wearing coats!

    1. It's funny how our bodies adapt to the environment in which we live, isn't it, Wanda? Thanks for stopping by and sharing today. :-)

  2. I love the photos, Yvette. Looks like you had a great time! I spent two years at the U. of Maryland in Munich, Germany, and then studied at Control Data Institute in Frankfurt. As far as I know, we didn't have sororities in Munich, and I probably wouldn't have joined one, anyway. It was during a dark phase in my life.

    I enjoyed reading about your experiences, and especially about your highs, and what you learned and did that helped you become the wonderful person you are.


    1. Thank you, Patty! Every choice we make is an opportunity to learn and grow if we only open ourselves up to the lessons being taught. I appreciate you sharing today. :-)

  3. What a fun post, Yvette! I never got to experience college, but I think I would have enjoyed being a part of a sorority.

    1. There was a lot of fun to be had, especially if you enjoyed dancing and flirting as much as I did. Lol! Thanks for stopping by today, Jan! :-)

  4. Yvette, I'm glad you finally found your "tribe" while in college. The pictures are great and it looks like you all really enjoy being together. It makes me smile when you mention being cold at 60° - that's when we run around with no coats. The first time I visited Florida to visit my friend who moved there, it was July. We took a walk and I thought I would pass out! I made it for a half-block and begged to go back inside. I enjoyed learning more about you today!

    1. Oh, you made me laugh, Maura Beth! I love the summers, no matter how hot they get. Lol! Then again, most of my trips are in the summer to places not as hot as here, so there's that. ;-)

  5. At New York University, I commuted and never got involved in the social scene at the University. I took the train, attended the classes, studied in the library, and then took the train home. I missed the interesting part of college.

    1. Yes, you did, Susanne! I also commuted, but I drove to school, so I was able to stay late if I wanted to. I took morning classes Monday through Thursday, worked full-time as a front desk clerk for a local spa resort, and then partied on the weekends. Oh, to be young again! Lol! Thanks for stopping by and sharing today. :-)

  6. Hi, Yvette,
    I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    I was not in a sorority at the University, but I heard some good and bad things about them. I commuted from home but I enjoyed my university years and still do because I am still taking classes. The university life planted good seed in me.
    Shalom aleichem

    1. There is good and bad in sororities/fraternities as much as there is in most aspects of life. It matters what you choose to embrace and what lessons you learn. I went back to the same university to earn two different master's degree. I love learning, but there aren't enough free minutes in my life to take classes right now. I'm happy you are still learning, Pat! :-)


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