Saturday, December 30, 2023

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Hello, beautiful readers! I hope you are enjoying the winter holidays. For this week's 24 Seasons Syllabic Poetry Challenge, Colleen Chesebro has asked us to write a series of three Abhanga poems with each stanza using a specific phrase:

#1 - Boxing Day

#2 - New Year's Eve

#3 - hot drinks

An Abhanga poem has four lines with a syllabic pattern of 6-6-6-4. The two inner lines rhyme, and the poem must have a title. It's pretty cold in South Florida right now (high 50s, low 60s), and while most of us don't have fireplaces, I know the warmth of a great campfire, so I captured that essence in my third stanza.

(courtesy of @s-wloczyk2 on Pixabay)

Memorable Moments

it is better to give
than to receive, they say
so ev'ry Boxing Day
remember this

when New Year's Eve comes 'round
take note of what's now gone
embrace the coming dawn
cherish new start

tasty, hot drinks in hand
cuddle close by the fires
storytelling transpires
love is abound

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  1. This is lovely, Yvette! Especially that third stanza - just delightful!

    Much love,

  2. Such a cosy scenario!

    1. I always think of cold winters as a time to cozy up with loved ones. Thanks for visiting! :-)

  3. A trifecta of wise loveliness, Yvette. Best to You and Yours in 2024.

    1. Aw, thank you, Lisa! Happy new year to you and yours as well! :-)

  4. Enjoyed all of these.....Rall

  5. Happy New Year, Yvi! Your abhanga are fabulous. I love how the three stanzas rhyme. The flow is perfect! 💗

  6. (Jules) Lovely. No fire on a Cruise Ship! Just the fire of love in our hearts ;)
    Best to you and yours in the new year!!

  7. Truly lovely, Yvette. Happy New Year to you! ❤️

  8. All are absolutely lovely 💜💜💜

  9. Beautiful, Yvette. You made the form seem effortless. <3

    1. Aw, that's so kind of you to say, Diana! I'm glad it appears that way. Lol! Thanks for visiting! :-)


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