Thursday, December 15, 2016

The One Revealed is now available!!!

I am thrilled to announce the official release of The One Revealed! This is book 4 in The Chronicles of the Diasodz.  If you haven't read the first three books, I would definitely recommend reading them first. You can find them here. If you have read the first three, then I know you have been eagerly awaiting this release! You can purchase this ebook on Amazon.  The print version will be coming soon.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the newest addition to the series. :-)

Here is the synopsis for The One Revealed (again, if you haven't read the first three, skip this so that you don't read any spoilers!):

Rafe has successfully rescued Sofia from his enemies and has brought her home.  He is excited about Sofia meeting their father and joining the Raizyns in their fight against the Diasodz.  Unfortunately, bringing Sofia home does not have the effect he had hoped for.  In the process of trying to bring his family together, he may have discovered a reason to tear them apart.

When Sofia awakens, she discovers that her life has been uprooted once again, and this time she is in more danger than she has ever been.  Sofia’s only focus is on finding a way to escape and get back to Ar’ch, but leaving Rafe becomes more difficult when she realizes that not everything is as it seems.

Damiana is furious when she learns that her daughter has been brought home.  Her plans to use Sofia as a secret weapon within the Diasodz compound is destroyed with Rafe’s meddling.  Despite the setback, Damiana knows that she still has the upper hand, but her control is tested when even more secrets are exposed.

Each of them believes that she/he knows who the true savior of their people is, but when the truth is revealed, how will they handle it?  And whose side will the savior support? The stakes have never been higher for the Raizyns, and Damiana plans to make sure that the savior is on their side no matter what it takes.

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