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On Father's Day...

I decided that I'd give you a little peek at the fathers in The Chronicles of the Diasodz as a way to commemorate Father's Day.  I am blessed to still have my father in my life.  The older I get, the more I appreciate the challenges that he has faced and overcome throughout his life.  I wish I could say that I created one of the fathers in this series after him, but each of them took on a life of his own from the very beginning.  That being said, I can see bits of my dad in each of them, though it wasn't done purposefully. :-)  So, may I present to you the fathers of my series:


Nolan is first introduced in The One Discovered although you don't really get to know him until The One Enlightened.  I absolutely love Nolan.  He is my white version of The Rock.  He is built like a military barricade but has a heart of gold.  He is kind and affectionate and even playful at times, but mess with his family and he will not stop until he avenges them.  He isn't hot-headed, though.  He is patient and plans out his attack with strategy and smarts.  

Nolan is the father of Ar'ch (his son with Valerie) and Angel (his son with Liana - that story is shared in The One Enlightened) and the adoring husband of Valerie.  In his eyes, Valerie can do no wrong.  He is also one of the five members that make up the High Council, the governing board of the Diasodz.  He is highly respected and loved.  His weapons to call are blade tattoos on his wrists, and he has the ability to manipulate objects, making them appear or disappear.  He is also able to transport an embryo from one womb to another.  He is currently working on the ability of transporting a Diasodz from one place to another without the use of a portal.


***SPOILER ALERT***  If you haven't read The One Betrayed yet and do not like being told things ahead of time, you may want to skip this section.  You have been forewarned. :-P

We meet Martin in The One Betrayed.  He isn't one of the main characters, but he does play a significant role in influencing some of the choices that other characters make.  Martin is Mel's father and Harmony's husband, though she considers their marriage to be over.  Martin was once a strong and powerful Diasodz who had made a successful life for himself on Earth.  Unfortunately, he became greedy and wanted more. 

Martin allowed others to influence his mindset which slowly caused him to turn away from the Goddess. Eventually, he decided to become a Raizyn and was turned into a demon.  His dark, Hispanic skin turned a dirty gray.  His already strong build became thicker and more ripped than a body builder. His hazel eyes turned yellow.  In his transition, he lost his Goddess-given skill, but he didn't care because he felt like he was a part of an indestructible team with the Raizyns.

In joining the Raizyns, he destroyed his family unit.  Harmony refused to turn her back on the Goddess, so he abandoned her.  Later, Harmony begged Damiana to release Martin and take her instead.  Damiana agreed, knowing that Martin was there on his own free will.  Damiana threatened to turn Harmony into a deminion, but when Martin realized that Harmony was carrying his child, he begged Damiana to show mercy.  Damiana allowed Harmony the opportunity to raise her daughter so long as her daughter became best friends with Sofia.

It's easy to dislike Martin for the choices that he has made, but there is still good in him.  He truly loves Harmony; he just happens to love power more.  He absolutely loves Mel and does whatever he can to protect her, but for as much as he wants to be strong and powerful, he is weak and does not make good choices.


We first hear about Drake in The One Enlightened, but we really get to know him in The One Betrayed.  I gotta admit, I have a soft spot for Drake.  He had a traumatic start at life and never really got to learn about goodness and kindness.  He is truly a product of his environment.  He and Nolan had such different upbringings, and it shows how the way they were raised influences the choices that they make throughout their lives.

Drake is another male who is easy on the eyes.  He is 6'2" with golden tanned skin and deep, forest green eyes with red sparks within them.  He is also extremely muscular and has great strength to go along with all of those muscles.  He has shoulder-length brown hair that he pulls back into a low ponytail.  His weapon to call is a flail with three maces hanging from the tip.  He has the power to inflict pain upon others if he touches them.  He can also create heat through touch.  He is able to control lava and earthquakes.  He can create weightedness through touch and also bring darkness, sadness, grief, despair, and anger to others.  He is very powerful, which is why he is the king of the Raizyns.

***SPOILER ALERT***  If you haven't read The One Englightened yet and do not like being told things ahead of time, you may want to skip this section.  You have been forewarned. :-P

Drake is the father of Rafe and Sofia.  Rafe and Sofia have different mothers, and the stories of how they were conceived are debatable (Damiana and Valerie have different versions of the truth, and I'm not ready for the reader to know which version is correct - if either - so we will just leave it at that.) ;-) Drake went to jail for almost two years (about 18 human years) for a crime that he admitted to, so he missed out on watching his children grow up.  In fact, he doesn't even meet Rafe until The One Betrayed (he meets Sofia later).  He is also Damiana's partner, though he regrets that decision many times.

Drake is hellbent on getting revenge on Nolan (for reasons told in The One Betrayed), but his ultimate goal is to destroy the Diasodz so that Lucifer's Raizyns can have full power.  He believes he holds the secret weapon to accomplish his task, and is moving forward with his plan.  

So, there you have it.  Hopefully, this helps you to know the fathers of my series a little bit better. Thanks for visiting and reading about them. :-)

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