Monday, January 19, 2015

Connect with Me!

I've had several people ask me how they can stay in touch with me, so I figured I'd just list the various ways here:


Twitter: @YvetteMCalleiro

Instagram: ycalleiro




My website:

I am also part of the following groups:




Books by Brats

And as always, you can follow me here on my blog. :-)

Thank you for all of the love that you have shared with me on this journey.  The One Enlightened is now available on Amazon.  The e-book has been released, but I am still fine-tuning the paperback. It should be out soon!

I'm already working on The One Betrayed (book 3 in the series).  I'm not ready to start talking about it yet since many people have not finished reading The One Enlightened, and I won't want to ruin the ending of the book for them.  So, if you post any comments anywhere, please try not to ruin the ending for them. ;-)

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