Saturday, March 22, 2014

Autographed Copies Are Coming!


An author creates the story, but those who help edit and revise are the ones who make the story perfect! My first (ever!) signed copies will be in the hands of these special people:

Pura (my amazing mother)
Kristy (my gifted sister/writer)
Liz (my best friend)
Rob (my #1 fan even before it was published)
Patty (my extremely gifted teen writer/editor)
Armando (my friend and colleague)
Claire Robinson (Goodreads Beta Reader)
Jeni Hamilton (Goodreads Beta Reader)
Lin White (Goodreads Beta Reader)
Lisa Weir (Goodreads Beta Reader)
Tatiana Villa (Cover Designer)

Once these wonderful people receive their signed copies, I will then have a few giveaways for my beautiful and incredible fans! So, check back here or on my Facebook page ( 

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