Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Release - 01/30/14!

I am beyond excited to announce that my very first novel, The One Discovered (Chronicles of the Diasodz), is available for you to read. It is so fitting that today, the day of a second new moon, is its release date since the symbol of this novel is the new moon. It is also my grandfather's birthday, and I can think of no better way of honoring him than by making this dream a reality on his day. 

So, here are the links to download my novel if you'd like to read it:  (Amazon limits who can offer their book for free, so it's $0.99 on their site.)

OR (Here, the book is FREE!!! :-D  You can download mobi, epub, or even pdf if you want.)

Download it. Read it. Write a review (please). And share it with all of your friends and family.  

The print version is coming soon to Amazon so look for it if you love the feel of the book in your hands.

Happy reading! And thank you from the core of my soul for your support. :-)

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